Honeybee Swarm Removal

In the spring, overwintered hives are exploding with new bees and the natural tendency is for the hive to split and swarm.  It’s kind of like a house with too many people in it – some have to move out to make room for others. When bees swarm, there is no nest, just a whole bunch of bees clinging to each other, usually in a low hanging tree.

If you see a swarm, DON’T PANIC and call us at 763-202-7235. Please text or email us a photo so that we can determine if they are honey bees. We will come out and remove them from your property if they are honey bees.

If left alone, most swarms will move on in a matter of hours. While the swarm is resting scout bees will be coming and going looking for a good location for a more permanent home. Honey bees in a swarm usually are not aggressive, but don’t challenge their personal space or spray them with water or bug sprays.

Honey Extraction Services

Call Mike at 763-202-7235 for pricing and availability.